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What is Perimenopause

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What is Perimenopause

This article talks about Perimenopause, the symptoms. This affects all women at some point in life. Also, here are some remedies that are useful for this condition.

The most creative force in the world is the post menopausal woman with zest said Margaret Mead, a well known author which is true in reality. The female body is a complex blend comprising of physical, psychological and emotional components with a goal of balancing the life. The female reproductive system is controlled by  sophisticated internal hormones and deals on the outside with varying conditions with mutual coordination. Chaos can result if this coordination breaks.

One compulsory stage of every woman is menopause whether it is natural or surgically induced for various reasons. It is a natural transitional phenomenon and a vestibule to old age from middle age with different physical and psychological perceptions. The intensity of the menopause effects on a woman varies according to the lifestyle of that particular individual. Change of time and its strenuous effect on human life plays a key role in menopause and its effect. Perimenopause is a state of near to menopause or it can be early menopause which can occur from the age of 35 to 45 years. Perimenopause is just a few years prior to menopause and needs to be understood. In this state menopausal symptoms are comparatively less than established menopause.

Reasons for Perimenopause-

The reasons for Perimenopause include radiation exposure either as in medical or thermal radiation, smoking, high altitude living, chemotherapy, etc. It can be genetical in nature or it can also be due to auto-immunity problems, low body weight, mal nourishment or absolute vegetarian diet. However, it was observed that lifestyle and mental attitude plays a key role in the onset of Perimenopause. In Perimenopause, body begins sequential changes that bring a complete change in the reproductive system of a woman with different fluctuations, both in the body as well is mind.

Perimenopause symptoms-

The symptoms include menstrual irregularities, mood changes, hot flushes, sleep disturbances, vaginal and urinary bladder problems, changes in libido, decrease in fertility, bone loss, fatigue, lipid abnormalities, palpitations, sleeplessness, tiredness, fatigue, and Formication (a feeling of ants crawling under the skin) etc. The factors that lead to Perimenopause or early menopause are smoking, nulliparous state (never giving a birth), strong family history, hysterectomy,, any cancer treatment in childhood or adolescence. Many women in developing countries are undergoing early hysterectomy due to lack of knowledge and misunderstanding about their reproductive system. Early mother hood also found to be a cause for Perimenopause. Hall mark of Perimenopause is irregular periods. One must consider seeking medical aid if bleeding is heavy, lasting more than eight days or if bleeding occurs in between two cycles or if cycle runs earlier than usual period. In addition, a psychological equilibrium is very much important in tackling the Perimenopause state. A mentally distressed woman cannot overcome either Perimenopause or menopause. The management for Perimenopause is HRT as per modern science comprising of hormonal medications which are of many side effects.  Many observational studies on alternative therapies found to be more effective to overcome both Perimenopause as well as Menopause states. Phytoestrogens are now claiming their helpful contribution in Perimenopause. However, certain observations deny this and some support. Nevertheless I suggest opting for phytoestrogens.

Perimenopause remedies-

Diet is very important factor to be considered. Organic foods are preferable and also unprocessed foods. Avoid caffeine, carbonated beverages, commercially raised meat, especially red meat that is rich in unsaturated fat, which decreases the body’s ability to metabolize estrogen. Add more fresh vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts to diet. Avoid junk, refined sugar, salt and fried foods.

Avoid stress and practice mind relaxing techniques such as yoga, meditation and observe a soothing social life style.

Take multivitamin supplements rich in vitamin E, calcium, magnesium and vitamin C. Natural calcium is available in sources like Fenugreek. About 100 Gms of fresh Fenugreek leaves provides readily absorbable calcium of 600 mg. Also one can eat regularly about 100 Gms of crab which provides 1000 mg of natural calcium.

Take foods that are rich in Phytoestrogens such as soy, flex seeds, legumes, beans, broccoli, beet root, carrot, cabbage etc.

Sesame seeds powder with Jaggery or sugar helps in Perimenopause.

Asparagus racemosus and Ashwagandha herbs are useful. One can take any herbal supplement that contains these herbs. If powders are available take them with milk.

Daily consumption of garlic prevents many vascular and lipids disorders that can occur due to lack of estrogen.

Indian valerian or Indian spikenard with Ashwagandha or liquorice keeps mind calm and reduces stress.

Try to take Saraca asoka and aloe herbal supplements which help to maintain hormonal equilibrium in the body.

Take some raw wheat, about 2-3 spoons and soak them in water for 3-4 days till they start budding. Start consuming this wheat daily, and one will see a difference in Perimenopause conditions.  Don’t forget to add some coriander and honey to this to make it tasty.

I hope I was able to explain Perimenopause and I hope the remedies given above are useful to all women. Again, it is always good to seek the advice of a Medical Doctor.

By Veena Deo

Dr. Veena Deo is an expert Herbalist, a consultant and the author of this page.

All the information provided and on supplements above and opinions expressed above should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. Any statements made above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any products discussed above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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