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What is Ashwagandha

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What is Ashwagandha

In this article I am going to discuss as to what is Ashwagandha will also discuss about the benefits of this wonder herb for retaining stamina, vigor and getting stress relief.

Today’s lifestyle is full of stress. Everyone in this rat-race wants to achieve excellence; hence people become a victim of stress, strain, loss of stamina, vigor and more. This stress affects the body in many ways and if left untreated, can give rise to many conditions like heart problems, blood sugar conditions, blood pressure conditions, acidity etc.

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What is Ashwagandha also known as? What is its composition?

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) an Indian herbal plant, is proven as an adaptogenic herb.  It is popularly known as the Indian Ginseng and is found in the drier parts of sub-tropical India. It contains alkaloids, withanolides, withaferins, and saponins.

Animal studies have shown that steroidal compounds in Ashwagandha have anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory activities & some studies have shown that Ashwagandha protects against carbon tetrachloride- induced liver damage.

A recent pharmacological comparison of Withania & Panax ginseng demonstrated that Withania has a similar potential as Panax in terms of adaptogenic, tonic & anabolic effects. It is highly esteemed as a Rasayana herb (meaning one that destroys old age and disease), by Ayurveda experts.

Ashwagandha is bitter in taste, hot in action, and it alleviates vata, kapha, doshas (imbalances) in the body. In Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is used as a tonic in geriatrics. It is prescribed for all kinds of weaknesses, nervous disorders and is used to promote strength and vigor. Ashwagandha is regarded as an aphrodisiac, rejuvenator of sexual health, stamina and more.(Ref: Atal Ck, etal, pharmacognosy & phytochemistry of Withania somnifera 1975, Central Council for Research in Ayurveda, New Delhi 41). 

Ashwagandha helps body develop resistance against various health conditions, builds endurance against stress, strain, and helps arrest the aging process. It relieves anxiety, depression, irritability, headaches, loss of appetite etc. It is also useful in convalescence and is known to boost  immunity.

Ashwagandha is an herb described in the Ayurveda as an adaptogenic herb.  Maximizing the body's ability to resist stress, it enables the body to reserve and sustain vital energy throughout the day, and gives restful sleep at night. It is considered to be one of the best herbs for calming vata (moving things) and can be used by both men and women. It maintains proper nourishment of the tissues, while supporting proper functioning of the adrenals. This potent herb is also used to promote muscle strength and to support comfortable joint movement. It is also useful to maintain a healthy libido, for it is said to bestow upon its user the vitality and strength of a horse.

Products that have Ashwagandha, are excellent remedies to relieve  the problems associated with stress.  When combined with Bacopa  and Jatamansi this product helps to improve concentration, to combat exertion, and gives strength to overcome adverse situations calmly and collectively.

I hope I was able to give a brief summary as to what is Ashwagandha. It is a miracle herb and it should be a part of every person’s food supplement plan.

By Satya Narayana

Dr. Satya Narayana is the moderator and editor of this article originally written by Dr. Veena Deo, an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided above and opinions expressed above should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. Any statements made above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any products discussed above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. To consult Dr. Satya Narayana, please send an email to satyanarayana@herbaldestination.com

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