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Triphala health benefits

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Triphala health benefits

This article discusses about Triphala, a 3 fruit combination that offers great health benefits especially to the intestine.

If we keenly observe certain things in the world and history, we can find few wonders that stood for time and are still serving mankind. One among such things is an Ayurvedic product called Triphal, a well-known herbal cocktail. The benefits of Triphala are well known for weight loss and for colon cleansing.

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The name Triphala reveals its beauty and eternal value. Benefits of Triphala stands for as something that  “is made up of three fruits, one that gives three main benefits of prevention, protection & preservation, that its benefit are seen in past, present and in future, and one that controls three body doshas or out of balance elements of the body”.

Triphala is made up of three fruits, as we know Indian Gooseberry; Chebulic myrobalan and Belleric myrobalan. The blending ratios can differ based on the need of individuals. However, universally one ratio is under practice. Four parts, one part and two parts of the above respectively. This combination makes Triphala an ideal weight loss product and a colon cleanser.

Many therapeutic benefits of Triphala have been postulated and documented for ages. Charaka an ancient physician mentions Triphala in different therapeutic indications and calls it a jewel, as it has the best herbal combination for many disorders. The other benefits of Triphala in addition to weight loss and working as a colon cleanser are “stops aging process, revitalizing the body, helping in weight loss, controlling excessive binge eating & drinking, helping in urinary disorders, memory and intellectual development”.

Almost all the herbal scholars clearly mention and follow the ancient traditions in changing Ayurvedic medical practices. However, we should remember one thing that it cleanses all the body parts and tissues.

The other benefits of Triphala is, it is also used to treat jaundice, asthma, fever, chronic ulcers, inflammation, and obesity and to promote immunity against infections such as pneumonia. Triphala also demonstrated antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial activities. These effects are due to the polyphones and falconoids present in the formula. Triphala also showed hypolipidemic effects in hypercholesterolemic rats. However, these effects have not been tested in human clinical trials.

Chebulic myrobalan, one of the components of Triphala also is shown to prevent degradation of cartilage. Triphala also protected mice from radiation-induced mortality. Oral administration of Triphala enhanced the immune functions in rats. In conclusion the benefits of Triphala are way beyond human imagination.

I hope that this article offers great insights into Triphala and its benefits for general health to all people.

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By Veena Deo

Dr. Veena Deo is an expert Herbalist, a consultant and the author of this page. Please email any questions to [email protected]

All opinions expressed above should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. Any statements made above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any products discussed above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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