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Pomegranate benefits

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Pomegranate benefits

This article discusses about Pomegranate benefits and why this fruit should be part of one's diet, for a better health.

Pomegranate parts that have benefits include the leaf, the fruit, the fruit rind, the seeds, the dried bark and finally the stem and the root. Researchers, such as Robert Longtin (2003), have referred to pomegranate as “Nature’s Power Fruit”.

Modern science many times wonders, why it has failed to recognize Pomegranate's usefulness to the society and also how ancient science could recognize all of that without any of the sophisticated technologies. This is true when we look at Pomegranate. Modern science is now claiming that Pomegranate is the best fruit for heart health as it is an excellent antioxidant. Many of Pomegranate health benefits would show that it is ideal for many intestinal conditions as well.

In historical times there were three varieties of Pomegranates available on the basis of their taste. At the present time that number has grown to about a dozen all over the world.

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Pomegranate benefits as an antioxidant

Many research papers have been published on Pomegranate, in which its antioxidant activities have been highlighted. The antioxidant substance is mainly present in the leaves and the fruit. The active constituents of Pomegranate, mainly comprises of the compounds like Tannins, Flavonoids and unsaturated Fatty acids. Significant and positive linear correlations were found between total anti-oxidant capacities and Phenolic contents in this fruit.

Pomegranate benefits that are helpful-

Pomegranate is an ideal fruit for blood sugar support in people.

It promotes digestion and helps with healthy stool movement.

Pomegranate is extremely helpful in hemorrhoidal conditions in people.

It is the best fruit for heart as it supports good cardiac health.

Regular fresh Pomegranate fruit consumption could help to resolve tartar build up and helps bleeding gum conditions of the teeth.

In cases of acid reflux, pomegranate juice when taken with equal quantity of honey should give great relief. When taken three times a day for few days it could take care of many  acid reflux problems.

A 50 ml of juice could help with diarrhea and could also help prevent dehydration in the body.

In fevers, when given, it should help prevent dehydration and dryness of mouth.

In cases of kidney or renal stones, a paste of seeds along with Horse gram in equal parts could help pass the small stones via urination. This is a folk remedy.

Pomegranate is a good immuno-modulator in recurrent allergies or irritation of the mucous membrane inside the nose.

For people that are not able to consume Pomegranate fruit on a daily basis, taking Pomegranate supplements that have Punic acid extracts will do the trick. In my opinion a daily intake of 500 ml of Pomegranate Punic oil extract should put one in the right path for better health.

I hope the Pomegranate benefits listed above are useful to all people. For many of the health conditions mentioned above it is always advisable to seek the help of a Medical Doctor.

By Veena Deo

Dr. Veena Deo is an expert Herbalist, a consultant and the author of this page.

All opinions expressed on Pomegranate benefits above should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. *Any statements made above have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Any products discussed above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

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