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Vgor Hrx

Male Aphrodisiac*

Male Aphrodisiac*
$ 24.99
Product Detail
Benefits• Helps increase sexual desire and performance*
• Herbal formulation for aphrodisiac action*
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GlucoSuprs Hrx

Blood Sugar Support*

Blood Sugar Support*
$ 24.99
Product Detail
Benefits• Supports pancreatic health*
• Boosts immune function*
• Helps against occasional fatigue*
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Memory Hrx

Cognitive Function*

Cognitive Function*
$ 24.99
Product Detail
BenefitsSupports cognitive function. Improves attention span.*
Boosts brain power and mental alertness.*
Helps slow aging process of the brain.*
Helps brain to recall facts.* 
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Under Eye Cream

Under Eye Care*

Under Eye Care*
$ 26.99
Product Detail
Benefits• Saffron brightens the eye, and helps with dark circles & fine lines.
• Cucumber refreshes & cools.
• Manijshta is a gentle cleanser.
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Herbal Destination – Why are we different? 

Ayurveda (science of life) is a 5,000 year old natural health system which integrates and balances the body, the mind and the spirit. The age old belief is that any herbal products that are made using this science would re-establish harmony with nature and offer the balance necessary for optimal health.*

Herbal Destination, a New York based company, has taken this ancient philosophy and combined it with modern research and manufacturing practices to bring herbal supplements and skincare products of the highest quality. Here are the highlights-

• Authentic multi-herb formulations.
• Products are condition specific.
• Non-GMO.
• Vegan Certified.
• Standardized extracts.

These herbal formulas have been made with an unwavering dedication to the ancient written texts some going back to 400 B.C. For example, our Turmeric Hrx is an interpretation of the ancient renderings for joint support; it also helps with inflammation. GlucoSuprs Hrx is designed to support blood sugar. These products are always made using references found in the following ancient books ==> Read more.*

Herbal Destination is the single best source of authentic herbal products in USA, helping people have a healthy living.*

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