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Under Eye Cream

Under Eye Care*

Under Eye Care*
$ 26.99
Product Detail
Benefits• Saffron brightens the eye, and helps with dark circles & fine lines.
• Cucumber refreshes & cools.
• Manijshta is a gentle cleanser.
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Muscle & Joint Hrx

Muscle pain reliever

Muscle pain reliever
$ 19.99
Product Detail
Benefits• Herbal pain reliever
• Joint pain reliever
• Muscle pain reliever
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Turmeric Hrx

Anti Inflammation*

Anti Inflammation*
$ 26.99
Product Detail
Benefits• Turmeric Curcumin Immune Booster*
• Support healthy inflammation*
• Supports Joint health*  
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GlucoSuprs Hrx

Blood Sugar Support*

Blood Sugar Support*
$ 24.99
Product Detail
Benefits• Supports pancreatic health*
• Boosts immune function*
• Helps against occasional fatigue*
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Herbal Destination

Herbal Destination, a New York based company, offers herbal supplements, pain relief and skincare products of the highest quality.

Sample testimonials from users-~

Turmeric Hrx - Rebecca J – “I was at my wits end with the inflammation hampering my progress and recovery. I came across this after many hours of research. I tried it and I wouldn't use any other turmeric supplement.” *

GlucoSuprs Hrx - Robert D - "My blood sugar was in upper 120's. I wanted to try something other than RX to lower it. After about three weeks of taking this supplement, my numbers were consistently under 110." *

Muscle & Joint Hrx Oil - Valyrie E – “I got this last week and noticed an immediate relief after applying. I've tried a number of things, this has been the best so far.” *

Our supplements -

• Authentic multi-herb formulations.
• Products are condition specific.
• Non-GMO.
• Vegan certified.
• Standardized extracts.
• Gluten free.
• FTIR analyzed for purity, consistency & strength.


These herbal formulas have been made from ancient written texts some going back to 400 BC. ==> Read more.*

Note:~ All testimonials provided are that of the users of our products and Herbal Destination is not responsible for the claims made by the individuals, only your Medical Doctor can advise you on health matters.

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